Splice Sessions Senegal Genesis WAV

26 January 2022 | 556 MB
Splice Sessions: Senegal Genesis is a journey through the origins of African music from Senegal, Ghana, Cameroon, and Nigeria. Played by masters of percussion who grew up in the shadows of great musicians who proudly passed down ancient instruments and ceremonial rhythms, these performances are 100% authentic.

You’ll find melodic loops, vocals, percussion, kalimba, balafon, kora, flute, and way more.

Recorded at Laboutique Studios and produced by Pape Armand Boye, expert musicians move effortlessly through the African styles of mbalax, high life, bikutsi, and Afrobeat without altering the technical and spiritual depths of the genres. The performers on this pack who played with force and virtuosity were Thio Mbaye, Cameroonian bassist Obam, Gabonese bassist Ismael Eneric, Franco-Central African guitarist Yann Moni, and guitarist René Shalom from Benin.

•100 one shots
•167 loops



By longu